Posted by: annelies3 | January 18, 2010

When does an idea become a reality?

The characters from the jaarsma clan


The original concept of my idea on the awakening and ascension project – Ascension topics through The Jaarsma Clan – was partly inspired through the Enneagram’s nine personality types; the character roles we all play.

Enneagram formulas helped me to build an ascension journey plot. ‘Program planet earth.’
It was important that I was going to express all the nine ways in which my readers could perceive their physical reality. By using the dynamics of the Enneagram, each character came alive. My readers will be able to see themselves in each of the personality types in my novels, and therefore relate to their ups and downs during these transformative times.
When I mention that I was partly inspired, it was the energy of POWAH, written about in: How I was been reminded of my Soul Purpose in this life. , It was that one time experience that started me on my own journey.
I was shown a star map kind of symbol during 1974 that I could only translate in the way I have done above.
In order to walk the ascension journey during this life I was told that I needed to write about this journey through parables, through story telling. Part from my one profound psychic experience during the seventies, the years that followed were mostly occupied with research through reading, practiced through several art media, and lived by exploring the dynamics of relationships.
My radio interview expresses better where I’m coming from.
I do not channel or follow any kind of belief or dogmatic tradition. I love everything that has been written surrounding this fascinating topic, but I was clearly told to be true to myself and only write about what I myself experience or can perceive at that moment. Which is to be a spiritual being, having a human experience. Nothing more
I have now reached my own third stage of an awareness level where LETTING GO OF THE OLD must be practised every day. I can truly say, my orginal idea has been wel researched and is now proceeding towards an illumination stage, when Vanisning Worlds and The Body Codes of Light decoding book in print..
If you have an intent, and keep imagine it, it will become real.
author Nadine May

Nadine May


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